International University Accreditation Service

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Accreditation service ASIC for the university culture sector is a deliberate and non-governmental manner that recognizes organizations that meet placed state rules. The purpose of accreditation is to convince the community, students, parents and other stakeholders about the quality of the institution and its commitment to high standards through a system of continuous improvement. It is likely that your school has been commissioned in your own country, but ASIC accreditation declares your commitment to internationalization including, in particular, your dedication to providing excellent services to international scholars.

International University Accreditation Service

International University Accreditation Service

Our process accreditation service consists of a series of key performance indicators that are divided into 8 main areas, namely; Place and Health and Safety Resource Management, Management and Staff, Teaching and Research Activities, Quality Assurance and Improvement, Student Welfare, Awards and Qualifications, Marketing and Student Recruitment Management System and Compliance with Immigration Rules Accreditation by ASIC Will improve your university profile and ensure that they meet high standards of education, welfare and practice. Our global accreditation order help seniors, parents, and agents that your school is a good option and that you order provide them with expert schooling, relevant abilities, and a positive training life.

All documentation required to apply for ASIC accreditation can be found through the following link. Here you can download ASIC Accreditation Handbook, ASIC Standards for Accreditation and ASIC Application Form. Save the file to your computer where you can fill out the application form electronically. After you have completed the application form electronically, print a copy and send it to our postal address along with the appropriate fees and documentation. The accreditation process can then begin. That’s all the facilities about accreditation service that you can all enjoy from ASIC.

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